eyelash care product in puchong

Bio Energizer Revival 3 in 1 


Ultra Simple Homecare

A revolutionary three-in-one lotion that combines your three favourites!

This all-in-one lotion combines our coating sealant, nourish lotion and styling gel to extend the life of your eyelash extensions while keeping them nourished and moisturised all at the same time!

Now you have;

  • A Nourishing Lotion to strengthen fragile and brittle natural lashes;
  • A Coating Sealant to protect and prolong the glue used for your eyelash extensions;
  • A Styling Clear Mascara Gel to keep your eyelash extensions in place and looking their best!

Formulated to get longevity out of your eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Nourishing Lotion 


This nourishing lotion contains Arthred, a compound that encourages lash growth, for stronger, healthier lashes.

This product contains Arthred, Panax Ginseng Root extract, and extracts from a variety of natural herbs. The proprietary lash growing formula can be quickly absorbed through the skin, deep into the follicle, to promote strong, healthy lashes.

After thoroughly cleansing the face, apply a moderate amount along the lash line and the lashes. Use consistently for two weeks for a dramatic improvement. Lashes will be stronger, more resilient, and less prone to breakage and fallouts.

Biomooi Coating Sealant 


  • Protect Eyelash Extensions from oil, water and dust. Application can be long lasting.
  • Non-oil formula, extra hyaluronic acid to moisturize real lashes.
  • Spiral brush head easy to use without tangle.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water to remove.
  • Biomooi Coating Sealant does not contain any oily formula so will not harm the Eyelash Extensions.
  • Special material to form the invisible coating, enhance Eyelash Extensions duration.
  • Contain hyaluronic acid and Silk Protein Essence to moisturize the real lashes.

Powerful lash styling gel


  • Maintain the eyelash extensions and the curvature.
  • The magical Biomooi Powerful Lash Styling Gel is useful to keep the eyelash extensions and the curvature.
  • It can be used anytime after an eyelash extension. It’s also ideal for using it after heated eyelash curler, gives you a perfect long lasting time and curvature.

Biomooi Cleansing Dry Wipe


Beauty clear powder included, water is all you need.

Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse


Formulated using mild ingredients, this delicate mousse cleanses the skin without causing irritation.

Gentle Cleansing Mousse


  • Special treatment for eyelash extensions and sensitive skin.
  • Gentle Cleansing Mousse cleans skin and eyelashes at the same time. Retains the hydrating to balance excessively dry, damaged skin and eyelashes. With the elegant scent to lime basil.
  • Use daily to prolong eyelash extension results.

Biomooi Lint-Free Make Up Remover Pads


This gentle cleansing mousse will cleanse both your skin and eyelash extensions. While retaining optimum hydration and balance to dry skin and brittle lashes.

With a delicate scent of lime and basil, this cleansing mousse can be used daily as part of your normal cleansing routine.

Keratinfix Nourishing Lash Serum


It helps to enhance lash growth, define the eyelash structure and to prolong the durability of the lift. It has special formula that provides protection, nutrient, moisture and enrich to eyelashes to produce healthier eyelashes.